Internationalist solidarity with the peoples defying violence and neoliberalism in Colombia


Three decades of neoliberalism in Colombia have stripped back public services and left more than 21 million people living in poverty, almost half of the population. The government has failed to comply with the peace agreements signed with the FARC in 2016, and are pursuing a strategy of systemic violence and oppression against social movements, organisations and defenders of peoples’ rights, human rights and territories.

We denounce the systematic violence of the government and urgently call for redoubling internationalist efforts to coordinate and organise in support of the Colombian people.

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Colombia on fire to defy neoliberalism

Our call on peoples struggling all over the world to show solidarity with Colombian people, social movements and organisations. Together, let us demand that Duque’s right wing government end human rights violations and the pandemic of murders that it has unleashed, and to resolve the structural causes of violence in Colombia.



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