COP26 no carbon markets action


Spokespeople available for comment and interview.

Friends of the Earth International, the world’s largest grassroots environmental network, is bringing a delegation of experts and activists to the UN climate talks in Glasgow this year. Many representatives from countries in Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America will be locked out of COP26 due to vaccine apartheid, visas and accommodation costs, but are pledging to take action in their home countries.

Ahead of the talks, Friends of the Earth International launched a report exposing the dangers and inaccuracies of so-called Nature Based Solutions – a smokescreen strategy being pushed by big corporations and the UK presidency at COP26.

Climate campaigners are highlighting how ‘Nature Based Solutions’ and vague ‘Net Zero’ pledges are a dangerous distraction from what rich countries need to do if we are to stay below the agreed 1.5 C temperature limits.

Friends of the Earth will have spokespeople in Glasgow and remotely, and be connected to the climate justice movement in the streets outside the conference halls.

See below our key activities, press conferences and publications.

To receive more information or press releases, please send your contact details to: Madeleine Race, madeleine[at]

Sunday 31 October
Press conference: Friends of the Earth groups in the UK give expectations for COP26
17.45-18.15, Press Conference Room Durdle Door

Wednesday 3 November
Launch of latest Civil Society Equity Review
15.00-16.15, Forth Room
This year the report focuses on fossil fuel supply side, and a fair and equitable global phaseout of fossil fuels and includes 13 country case studies.

Thursday 4 November
Press opening: “From Scotland to Sarawak” photography exhibition
19.00-21.00, Tramway arts venue. Places are limited – to attend, please email climateexhibition[at]
The exhibition then runs from 5 to 12 November.

Saturday 6 November
Global Day of Action for Climate Justice – March through the city
11.30 start in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow

Event: “The future of climate change litigation after Milieudefensie v Royal Dutch Shell”
Hosted by Friends of the Earth Netherlands (Milieudefensie)
16.45-18.00, Multimedia Studio 3, Blue Zone

Sunday 7 November
Event: “Exposing False Solutions: how dangerous distractions are undermining real zero in a hurry”
Hosted by Friends of the Earth Scotland & Friends of the Earth England, Wales & N Ireland.
16.15-17.45, Church Hall of the Renfield Centre

Monday 8 November
Launch: “If it’s not feminist, it’s not just” booklet
Bringing together women’s voices, analysis and contributions for the just energy transition around the world. For press enquiries, contact madeleine[at]
Online and press launch. Printed copies available at the Just Transition Hub.

Event: Just Transition Hub. Co-hosted by Friends of the Earth Scotland and allies.
Online and in-person  Register here. 09.30-19.30 at Govan & Linthouse Parish.

Friday 12 November
Press conference: Friends of the Earth International verdict on COP26 outcomes
14.30-15.00, Press Conference Room Durdle Door

Spokespeople and media contacts

Our main international spokesperson in Glasgow is:
Sara Shaw, Climate Justice & Energy co-coordinator, Friends of the Earth International
sara[at] / +44 79 7400 8270 / @climatemouse
Available from 2nd November only.

Available remotely from Mozambique:
Dipti Bhatnagar, Climate Justice & Energy co-coordinator, Friends of the Earth International
dipti[at] / (Whatsapp) +258 84 035 6599 / @diptimoz

Friends of the Earth spokespeople from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Latin America will be available for interviews during the talks. We can provide comment in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Japanese, among other languages.

For more info and to arrange interviews, contact:

Madeleine Race, Communications Officer, Friends of the Earth International (in Glasgow 4 to 12 November)
madeleine[at] / @foeint

Dipti Bhatnagar, Climate Justice & Energy co-coordinator for Friends of the Earth International cannot travel to Glasgow and will stay in Mozambique:

“The UK is on course to deliver the most exclusionary COP ever, pushing ahead with the summit while Covid-19 still ravages and so many in the Global South can’t get a vaccine or visa. It is hard to see how COP26’s outcomes could be considered fair and legitimate with those on the frontline of climate impacts unable to make their voices heard in the streets of Glasgow and in the halls of the COP.”

“We are extremely concerned that rich countries and polluting corporations will push through a dangerous and damaging agreement on carbon markets, claiming themselves as climate champions while ignoring their historical responsibility and the urgency to cut emissions now.”

Mary Church, Friends of the Earth Scotland’s Head of Campaigns, commented:

“Rich nations and big polluters are doing everything they can to avoid taking real responsibility for the climate crisis they have created, pushing false solutions of risky and unproven technologies and making distant ‘net zero’ pledges, that kick action into the long grass.”

“For COP26 to be a success, the UK COP presidency must urgently step up and show real leadership by committing to its fair share of climate action, cutting emissions as close to real zero as possible over the next decade and paying its  carbon debt to the Global South. But instead, the Government is way off meeting its inadequate targets, has cut overseas development aid, and is poised to greenlight the Cambo oil field and new coal in Cumbria. Boris Johnson’s government needs to get its act together, and come up with a credible plan for concrete action, to cut emissions, end reliance on fantasy techno-fixes and support a just transition away from fossil fuels.”

Key publications

For background information on Friends of the Earth’s positions and proposals, browse the publications below.

Carbon markets at the UNFCCC – COP26 and Article 6 (international briefing, 2021)

Net Zero and COP26 (international briefing, 2021)

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – Nature Based Solutions position (international report, 2021)

The Big Con: How Big Polluters are advancing a “net zero” climate agenda to delay, deceive, and deny (international, 2021)

A Just Recovery Renewable Energy Plan for Africa (Africa report, 2021)

Watershed: The Turning Point for North Sea Oil & the Just Transition (Scotland report, 2021)

Dangerous Distractions – The Offsetting Con (England, Wales & N Ireland report, 2021)

The Tip of the Iceberg – The Future of Fossil Fuel Extraction (England, Wales & N Ireland report, 2021)