press conference COP22 Marrakech

Today COP22 hosts a Ministerial Facilitative Dialogue on Enhancing Ambition and Support, followed by the High Level Ministerial on climate finance. The Ministers are discussing critical topics such as emission reduction targets and support for poorer countries.

“The UK and Australia have used all kinds of accounting tricks to pretend that their climate finance is approaching the $100bn goal, whereas the truth is that the coffers are still almost empty. Instead of trying to hide the failure of rich countries with complex tricks, they should be actually helping developing countries to deal with the terrible impacts of climate change and to develop their economies in low-carbon ways. People should be shocked that their governments are trying to cheat poor countries in this way.”

Dr Richard Dixon from Friends of the Earth Scotland

Friends of the Earth International asserts that the EU needs to do much more then they are doing now, they are not committing to their fair share.

“Germany and the European Union need to take on bigger emissions reductions and financial responsibilities for the climate. Countries who are experiencing droughts, storms and flash floods due to climate change need more support than what has been put on the table so far. The financial needs are greatest when it comes to dealing with the impacts of climate change. This is where countries like Germany and the EU need to put their priorities.”

Ann- Kathrin Schneider, Friends of the Earth Germany

“All world leaders at the opening of the high-level segment stressed the need for developed country Parties to fulfill the provision of USD 100 billion annually by 2020. In addition, we believe that failing to increase action in the period up to 2020 especially for countries with historical responsibility, will push the temperature goal of 1.5C out of reach which will have terrible consequences in our countries”

Meena Raman of Friends of the Earth Malaysia and TWN

“Without much more effort to reduce emissions immediately and urgently, we know the world can’t meet the goals on temperature increase. Rich countries have to ramp up their ambition a whole lot more to do their fair share. We need real leadership now from the EU and other rich countries. We call on the US to do their fair share and not to renege on the Paris Agreement to provide on finance and technology transfer that is needed for 2020 adaptation and mitigation.”

Godwin Ojo of Friends of the Earth Africa

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