The Korea Federation for Environmental Movement (KFEM) was founded on April 2, 1993 to continue the work of several previously existing civil environmental movements, including the Korea Anti-Pollution Movement Association (KAPMA, founded 1988) and Korea Research Institute for Environmental Problems (KRIEP founded 1982).

Its objectives are:

  • to protect the environmental rights denoted in the constitution,
  • change environmentally hazardous industrial systems to a safe system,
  • reduce pollution and advocate development of sustainable technology,
  • publicize information regarding environmental issues,
  • provide environmental education to all citizens,
  • restore and preserve the quality of the air, water and ecosystems
  • contribute to the development of regional autonomy,
  • raise issues on the overall development agenda to ensure that government policies reflect the concerns of local citizens, and ensure the wide spread participation and organization of citizens in the environmental movement,
  • and pursue ecologically friendly and socially equitable society.