Otros Mundos/Friends of the Earth Mexico, AC works to find Alternatos* to the social, economic, political and environmental crises of the current capitalist system. Otros Mundos, AC/ Chiapas combines the different key issues on which it is based. In a globalised world, Otros Mundos cannot be geographically reduced to local campaigns, but it links its local work to the state, national and regional levels. It aims to make a contribution, even if it is small, to human rights; economic, social, cultural, environmental and indigenous peoples’ rights; capacity building, education and training; information and communication; organisation and support of social movements; looking for socially, politically, economically and environmentally sustainable alternatives. We are committed to dismantling the patriarchal system of domination we live in because we are convinced that unless we look at the world from a woman’s perspective there won’t be a real change of the capitalist system.

Our actions work mainly with the rural, indigenous and peasant population of Chiapas, Mexico. The women, men, children, elderly, families, cooperatives, communities, social organisations are the different groups Otros Mundos works with. Its contribution and relationship with other actors reaches 8 Mexican states and the countries of Central America. Issues we campaign on include agroecology, water, energy, food sovereignty, human rights, mental health, environment, climate change, dams, mining, forestry plantations, women, forests, biodiversity, resistance, alternatives, free trade agreements, foreign and ecological debt, capitalism. Sectors we work with: families, grassroots organisations, resistance groups, peasant and indigenous organisations, non governmental organisations, human rights groups, local, national and regional coalitions.

We work through workshops, campaigns, trainings, educational materials, publications, training, school, information and outreach materials, research, advice,  environmental activism, Internet, etc.