People changing the system

Explore the map and discover how deep and lasting change starts at the grassroots, with communities and peoples who mobilise against oppression, fight for justice, and take practical action to make change happen. They are our allies and our movement: together we claim the power to shape the world for future generations.

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Title Image Country Region Pathways
Ambitious work to transform food systems and agriculture in the US Stop financing factory farming campaign United States of America North America Food sovereignty, Forests and biodiversity
What is a Feminist Economy? feminist economy, economía feminista, économie féministe Gender justice, Economic justice
Solar energy in the Philippines: a T’boli-Manobo indigenous community shows people power in action. Three young girls visit the new solar powerhouse at the heart of their community in Philippines Phillipines Asia Pacific Climate justice and energy
Making steps towards agroecology in rural and urban Finland Agroecological farming in Finland Finland Europe Food sovereignty
Working with farmers to preserve biodiversity in Switzerland Une chèvre grignote un buisson Switzerland Europe Food sovereignty
Dirty energy in Bangladesh: community struggles and alternative solutions Two boys on a small fishing boat in Bangladesh Bangladesh Asia Pacific Climate justice and energy, Economic justice, Forests and biodiversity
Shell Controversy: how we took on one of the world’s biggest polluters and won Flags showing faces and logos of co-plaintiffs in the climate case against Shell Netherlands Europe Climate justice and energy, Economic justice
Internationalist solidarity with the Peoples of Colombia internationalist solidarity colombia police violence illustration Colombia Internationalist solidarity, Economic justice
Supporting one another through beekeeping, community meals and agroecology in Togo Togo Supporting one another through beekeeping, agroecology and community meals Togo Africa Food sovereignty
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