Solidaridad internacionalista y la necesidad de un Tratado Vinculante

Conoce a las comunidades en Porto Alegre, Brasil, que están luchando contra la empresa transnacional alemana Fraport, para no perder sus hogares.

Las luchas comunitarias tienen similitudes sorprendentes alrededor del mundo. Los pueblos están luchando para defender sus territorios, modos de vida, hogares, salud y medio ambiente. La solidaridad internacionalista nos da la fuerza para luchar contra la injusticia. Necesitamos reglas legalmente vinculantes para exigir cuentas a las corporaciones transnacionales y proteger los derechos humanos.

Las comunidades luchan contra el poder empresarial del agronegocio en El Salvador

En El Salvador, empresas del agronegocio como Bayer-Monsanto, promueven el uso indiscriminado de agrotóxicos, ocasionando graves impactos ambientales y sociales en las comunidades rurales, afectando la salud de los pueblos. Es urgente normas vinculantes que obliguen a las grandes empresas a rendir cuentas y sean responsables de los impactos devastadores del agronegocio a nivel mundial. Demandamos que los gobiernos apoyen el Tratado vinculante de la ONU sobre empresas transnacionales y derechos humanos.

Friends of the Earth France Environmental Defenders

Meet people from Africa to Asia who are risking their lives in the fight against transnational corporations that are destroying communities and the environment as well as abusing human rights. In 2017 over 200 activists worldwide were killed for opposing destructive projects. We can end these injustices – a binding treaty is currently being negotiated at the UN to enable all peoples across the world access to justice. We need your support to end corporate impunity and to defend environmental and human rights! Sign the petition

Stop ISDS – The French oil company Total is putting profits before people and nature in Uganda

The French multinational company Total wants to drill for oil in the beautiful lakes and national parks of Uganda. This dirty oil industry would evict thousands from their lands and threaten people’s livelihoods. Yet rather than protect Human Rights and the Environment, an investment treaty signed between the Netherlands and Uganda gives corporations like Total the ability to sue the country for any law that harms their expected profit.
It is time to stop corporate destruction and bad investment deals.

France adopts law to hold TNCs accountable for damage they cause

In 2017 after 4 years of mobilizing and campaigning France passed a historical law to hold French corporations to account for the damage they cause anywhere in the world. Friends of the Earth International and France are now taking this fight to the UN to create a new international law to stop corporate impunity. Join us in put an end to human rights abuses by transnational corporations.

Forest fires are choking Indonesia

Fires started by companies to clear land for palm oil and paper plantations. 60 million people were exposed to smoke in 2015 alone. 439 companies are involved, funded by international banks. But people are fighting back. Together we can save the forests and peatlands.

Uruguay´s victory over dangerous trade deal

An inspiring example from Uruguay of what mass mobilisation against dangerous trade deals (such as TiSA) can achieve. In 2015 the Uruguayan President decided to withdraw from the negotiations. Join the movement against harmful free trade deals!

Corporations sue the Colombian state

Secret tribunals, companies suing for lost future profits, settlement costs exceeding relief funds; this is the reality of ISDS (investor-state dispute settlement) mechanisms. Stand with us against the dangerous trade and investment regime that favours corporations over people and planet!

Toxic Humidifiers in South Korea

For 10 years a British based multinational company sold a hazardous humidifier sterilizer in South Korea, which led to over 900 deaths and a further 4,000 reported medical cases. Europe’s consumer product standard doesn’t apply in Korea. Watch the story unfold and join victims and Friends of the Earth South Korea/KFEM in demanding justice.

The Co-operative way forward

Ever wished for an ethical food supplier? Find out how The Friends of the Earth Australia Food Co-op is just that, organic food produced as locally as possible and packaging-free, community hub bringing people together. Be inspired!